Carolyn and Steve Stein’s Published Game Materials


GURPS Vehicles: War Galleys available from Warehouse 23.

“The Pharos Lighthouse” in Pyramid #3/116: Locations

“Derelicts on Ice” in Pyramid 4/2: Modern Action 1

“The Toughest Race in the Solar System” in Pyramid 4/3:  Sci-Fi/Tech 1

“Encounters: Mysterious Airfield” in GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge Bundle 

“It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad Airship” in GURPS 2022 PDF Challenge Bundle 

Tiny Dungeon

“Thule Microsetting” in The Micronomicon


Suitcase of Trouble” Amber Zone adventure seed

Call of Cthulhu

“Aurora Equinox,” 2020 Chaosium convention scenario

Amelia’s Friends available on DriveThru through Miskatonic Repository

“Santa Fe” in Call of Cthulhu Hometown Horrors 2 available on DriveThruRPG through Miskatonic Repository

Generic Adventures

“Journey to the Ice Witches” Based on Carolyn’s book, Lightning Scarred and Other Stories